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Leroy W. Davis founded the Old Dominion Tobacco Company in 1875. The company began as a cigar manufacturing establishment, supplying retail tobacco stores with hand made cigars. Mr. Davis then acquired several local tobacco jobbers that led the company into the distribution of multiple tobacco products.

In 1902 Mr. Davis again bought out several other tobacco companies, and formed the L.W. Davis Tobacco Company. On May 27, 1904, the Old Dominion Tobacco Company was incorporated and was well established in the distribution business. The company began adding lines of products other than tobacco, and currently supplies over 10,000 different products to all classes of the retail trade.

The company is now under the leadership of Robin Davis Ray, great granddaughter of the founder, doing business as Atlantic Dominion Distributors. In addition to the distribution services, Atlantic Dominion Distributors offers a Food Service Division, Vending Department, CO2 and Fixture Installation Department.

From it's humble beginning the company has continued to grow and is now the 19th largest convenience store distributor in the United States. We have acomplished this by meeting the needs of our retail customers, and by providing special services to our customers... for over 125 years.



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